Since 1991, American KURDS operated officially in the area and opened three offices in the northern governorates Duhok, Erbil and Sulaimaniya to extend the activities and cover the demand of the needing vulnerable communities. KURDS strategic plan is to open other offices in other areas to target the most community in need of any help and support including but not limited to, Iraq, Turkey and Syria. Accordingly after Iraq liberation processes KURDS opened offices in Mosul and Kirkuk depending on the needs and requirements of the area.

After the Iraq liberation Process KURDS managed to focus in civil society activities. Beside that and due to the need of rural community KURDS activate agriculture sector and managed to implement some irrigation channels, and water basin facilities and others.

American KURDS has successfully implemented more than 1500 projects in all districts and sub-districts of Duhok, Erbil and Sulaimaniya Governorates since being established and has provided services to approximately 3000 villages in the field of reconstruction, water and sanitation, agriculture, irrigation, productive projects, agriculture extensions, advocacy and development programs for rural women, improving the environment and de-mining. Furthermore, American KURDS has contributed extensively in the development of rural communities over all Iraqi Kurdistan and has participated in monitoring all election processes for establishing the Democratic Federalism Government, Governorate Councils and Municipal Councils.

KURDS primary areas of operation are

  • Duhok Governorate
  • Erbil Governorate
  • Sulaimaniya Governorate
  • Kirkuk Governorate
  • Mosul Governorate